Creation & Innovation
begins with a spark of inspiration

With the growing demands of an ever-changing real estate industry, reliable information, knowledge and experience is at a premium.  As local market experts, we sought to create a place where we could align our vision with what's most important to many people -- success -- and offer the tools and resources people need to make clear and informed decisions when buying or selling a home or investing in property.

In doing so, the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

We not only elevated the real estate experience by placing an emphasis on supporting clients to realize their dreams, we also created a company that top level agents seek out and proudly call home.

As an impassioned company deeply imbedded in the communities we serve, the profound success of our valued clients has enabled us to become a leading brokerage, devoted to continuing to exceed the expectations of our countless satisfied clients through inspired agents who have the proper platform to reach and even surpass their clients’ dreams.

This is why Dwelling was created ... and we've only just begun!

Welcome to Dwelling

After witnessing a growing need for a supportive, personal, and more authentic place for agents to call home, Robert set out to construct a progressive brokerage firmly committed and focused on helping its agents and their valued clients thrive.

Through interviewing seasoned agents and diligent market research on how to better represent the local broker community, Robert Cipolloni realized his goal, thereby, creating an extraordinary opportunity for professional partners like never before.

Because, more than a business, Dwelling is a platform that instills promise, fulfill dreams and improve lives in our culture as well as the community. Since its inception, our resolve for helping agents meet and even exceed their dreams keeps us committed and energized in creating a place for everyone that accelerates the success of their endeavors and reinforces their values.

A Legacy Shared

The success of Dwelling is defined by the prosperity of our agents and the individuals we serve.

Our devotion to our clients is seen and felt in everything we do.  At each moment, we're enthusiastic about providing an experience that's unrivaled in the brokerage community. At the heart of our exceptional culture is a professional and respectful environment fueled by support, care and camaraderie.

We go out of our way to set the tone for success.

We encourage agents to not only reach new heights, but empower them to surpass their own goals.  In doing so, we engage our partners and peers in a whole new way, carefully cultivating a professional and rewarding atmosphere that’s never been experienced before.

This commitment to the greater good extends well past the office doors and into the community.  We support various local efforts through volunteering, donations, and scholarship programs.

We're excited by the opportunity to help you grow
and, through high standards and relentless effort,
we're creating an indelible legacy every day.

Realtor Service Commitment

We allow you to rest by SUPPORTING the rest.

With so much to do before the launch of a listing, it's easy to become overwhelmed. That's where we come in.  Whether you're a talented newcomer or a well-branded seasoned agent, we're invested in your success and can assist you with coordinating everything from cleaning, staging, and landscaping from our tried and true vendors, administrative, marketing support by our in-house team, as well as professional title and escrow services from our loyal long-term partners.

We do it all, not only with the expertise to meet your goals, but the dedication to propel you even higher. So, while working under your own brand, you will enjoy competitive splits without ever having your percentages being rolled back year to year. With access to a myriad of professions, including legal, accounting and financial planning, we find solutions to potential problems and are available 24/7 to provide instant, real time support and solutions.


We're ready to not only see you fly, but soar!